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Stunning handmade resin letter keyrings made with real shells, sand and pigments.  

Perfect gift as all keyrings come beautifully packaged in a kraft envelope. 

Each keyring is handmade using a variety of different shells making each one unique, not identical to the photos, but bespoke and to the highest standards. 


Depending on the letter ordered, the size can vary from approximately L1cm x H4cm x W1cm to L6cm x H4cm x W1cm, on average the width of most letters is 3.5cm/4cm. 
The full length including both letter and keychain is approximately 10cm.


  • Handmade Beach Letter Keyrings ranging from A-Z 
  • Choose your letter, so you can personalise it 
  • Each Keyring contains real shells and sand making each one completely unique
  • Beautifully packaged in a kraft envelope
  • Ideal gift for someone off travelling, moving into a new home, buying a new car
  • Great for personalising school bags or as a bag charm


Just choose a Letter from the drop-down menu and we'll do the rest.


Cotswold Crafts By Emma also specialises in a variety of handmade floral and botanical necklaces and keyrings to celebrate all special occasions or landmark moments throughout our lives. Only real flowers and leaves are used in our products making each piece a "one off" unique to the individual receiving it. All pieces come beautifully packaged, making them an ideal gift ready to be received.

Personalised Handmade Beach A-Z Letter Keyring with real shells and sand

  • Resin, Shells, Sand, Pigments, Keyring, Keychain, 

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